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  • "In Memory to The Greatest-Devoted Husband,Father,and Stock Car Racer"
    Picture credits go to Nascar.com


    Nascar 2/99 Track Editing Project

    • Download by Jerry Hinders
      Corrected calandar line for N3 Portland > N99 Portrd.
      January 19, 2001
    • Download by Jerry Hinders
      This patch will convert the N3 Portland track to N99, renaming it Portrd. This conversion removes the groove and features proper flagbox and tracklights (both stuck on green!),proper braking markers, and a flagger "standing by" at the pit road entrance.
      December 9, 2000
    • Download by Gene Chariott
      New AI set for Hickory and all the tracks made from it I tought them how to pass on a third mile track
      July 20, 2000
    • Download by Jan Heineking
      Night Lowe`s Speedway 2000. I added the new Ford grandstand and changed some textures.
      May 27, 2000
    • Download by Dave Reuille
      N99 Expo Park event logos & text files for WC,BGN,CTS series .
      May 17, 2000
    • Download by Jan Heineking
      Kentucky Speedway for NASCAR 2/99. I changed nearly every *.*3do and *.*mip, so check it out!
      April 30, 2000
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