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  • "In Memory to The Greatest-Devoted Husband,Father,and Stock Car Racer"
    Picture credits go to Nascar.com


    Nascar 3 Track Editing Project

    • Download by jff
      night racing at TWI's desert winds speedway looks nice
      September 1, 2000
    • Download by INDY
      Completed N3 EagleII AI experiment N3 car/truck race ready setups included 6/30/00 thanks Chas See ya!
      June 30, 2000
    • Download by INDY (HR)
      This a MUST have for Eagle II N3 drivers it's more of challenge than the final effort Thanks Gradius for editing the highspeed banks
      June 29, 2000
    • Download by INDY (H.R.)
      finished AI 4 eagle II
      June 27, 2000
    • Download by Gradius
      Eagles Landing II for Nascar 3
      May 24, 2000
    • Download by Larry Currie
      Documentation on the NL File Formats
      May 8, 2000
    • Download by Jan Heineking
      Kentucky Speedway for NASCAR 2/3/99! New site looks great! Have a nice day!!!!
      April 29, 2000
    • Download by Steve Baylor
      This is meant for TWI on the their driver photo project this is a screen and blank.tga that I think are a little better than the ones they are using now that's just my opinion
      April 24, 2000
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